Titel Donkey Kong 64
System Nintendo 64
Genre Jump'n'Run
Publisher/Firma Nintendo
Release 06.12.1999
Release EU 06.12.1999
Fun Generation 12/1999 10/10
MAN!AC 01/2000 92%
N-Zone 12/1999 95%
Video Games 12/1999 94%
Fantastische Action im Dschungel, pfeilschnelle Bootsrennen und spannende Gefechte mit Erdnuß-Pistole und Frucht-Granaten: Das alles und noch wesentlich mehr erwartet Dich in Donkey Kong 64, dem ersten Nintendo 64-Spiel mit dem neben Super Mario bekanntesten Nintendo Star! Viele bekannte und mehrere brandneue Charaktere, mehr als 100 Special Moves, über 200 Aufgabenstellungen in acht gigantischen Welten. Präsentiert in perfekter 64 Bit-Qualität mit umwerfenden Lichteffekten, präziser Steuerung und untermalt von einem mitreißenden Soundtrack, begibt sich die berühmte Donkey Kong Sippe wieder auf Bananenjagd. Ein weiteres Meisterwerk der Softwareprofis und Erfolgsgaranten von RARE, das Dich vom ersten Moment an in seinen exotischen Bann zieht und endlosen Spielspaß garantiert!

  • Dieses Spiel stellt sogar Banjo-Kazooie in den Schatten!
  • Ein Spiel der "3. Generation" für das Nintendo 64!
  • Abwechslung durch 40 Minispiele!
  • Ungewöhnliche und witzige Waffen!
  • Aufwendige Grafik- und Lichteffekte!
  • Acht riesige Welten mit unzähligen Rätseln!
  • Langzeitspaß durch mehr als 200 knifflige Aufgaben!
  • Kandidat für das Spiel des Jahres!


    Durchschnittliche Bewertung: 5.71 (Reviews: 7)

    Kaufen, Expansionpack einbauen und ab geht die Post. Das hat man selten gesehen. Zusammengefasst:
    - exzellente Grafik
    - 5 Charaktere mit eigenen Moves
    - viele Nebencharaktere, die hier und da auftauchen
    - unglaubliches Leveldesign
    - geniales Intro (DK-Rap)
    - massig Items/Waffen/Level/Moves
    - lustig ohne Ende
    - geiler 2Player-Mode (zu viert im Egoshooter-Modus sehr unterhaltsam)... und erst die Plattformkämpfe!!
    - Hammer! :]
    Zuletzt editiert: 17.04.2007 00:13:00

    Sehr unterhaltsam

    Kompliment...dieses Spiel ist und bleibt der Hammer...brutal schwere Rätsel...heute noch nicht durchgezockt

    Of all the N64 games I have ever played in my life most of which I played on a friends console since I didn't get a N64 of my own until around 2002, this was easily the most enjoyable N64 game I have ever played. Sure it rips off Banjo Kazooie which itself is similar to Super Mario 64 but this was the game I was addicted to for years once I bought it from that friend I mentioned. As a massive fan of this genre of game, I really enjoyed exploring the cool looking worlds, collecting so many items, playing as 5 different characters and playing most (Some weren't that fun) of the puzzles and mini games (Minecarts!) all while listening to the cool sountrack. The best music in the game was in Hideout Helm, so epic but I also enjoyed the music to most of the other levels too. The hardest part of the game by far is trying to get that damn coin by actually playing the original Donkey Kong Arcade game in Frantic Factory, so many wasted hours of trying but finally beating it felt like one of the biggest accomplishments of my entire life! The other coin is 100 times easier to get. Despite that 1 coin, that doesn't take anything away from this game overall, the best DK game ever for me and an all time favouite!
    Zuletzt editiert: 29.07.2015 13:31:00

    Rating this is hard. This came out at the perfect time for me when I was madly in love with this type of game (actually, I probably still am, but it's just something that crops up often anymore sadly). I know some people aren't a fan of the concept of ridiculous collect-a-thons, but I really enjoy the satisfaction that comes from completing such a task, and there is sooooooo much of that in this game.

    However, I have problems too. When comparing this to its common counterparts in Super Mario 64 or Banjo-Kazooie, I find that there's a certain level of depth missing in this one which shows in multiple playthroughs. While the other two have a general focus of 'get here, complete puzzle', this is more a case of 'get here with correct character; instant Golden Banana'. I have to stress the correct character part because that results in the most tedious backtracking ever. But yes, there are some puzzling elements in the later levels, and my first playthrough of the last level was exhilerating, a lot of it, especially in the first levels is just hitting switches and beating time limits, which isn't exceedingly exciting. The true enjoyment comes from playing the more unique puzzles. The same thing goes for the minigames. Some of them are repeated far too many times (it's fortunate that I've finally become adept at "Beaver Bother", but I still hate it), some of the more rare ones are a delight, especially anything that involves a minecart.

    Again comparing it to the other two games, there's just something lacking in the combat with this. I feel with Super Mario 64 in particular, the enemies you come across feel like obstacles, and part of the level to tackle. In Donkey Kong 64, they're more like mild annoyances that are either too easy to defeat, or too tedious to bother with, especially since they respawn too quickly. The bosses on the other hand, are a delight. Although there are a couple I've gotten too sick of from overplaying (Jack-In-The-Box thing), and there's still the frightening one that I hate (Cardboard Cutout thing), the other ones are fun, especially the final battle at the end, which balances a variety of gameplay with pure charm. It's been at least a decade since I've played a proper, competitive game of multiplayer, but I found like many other Rare games at the time (Jet Force Gemini in particular), there's something missing in it, even though it should work in theory. I think part of the problem is that it just turns into a game of search and then a battle that inevitably stalemates unless someone has homing weapons or a third or fourth person gets involved. For that reason, I think the arena multiplayer mode is much more playable, and has the spontaneity that multiplayer modes need.

    My mixed opinions above are why I find this difficult to rate. On one hand, this is somewhat flawed in comparison to similar games that I'd rather play, but on the other hand, there's always that part of me that wants to collect thousands upon thousands of items, and this is what pushes it up to a 5 for me.

    Das beste Donkey Kong Spiel überhaupt.

    Spätes N64 Spiel inklusive Expansion Pack. Leider bis heute das einzige richtige 3D Donkey Kong. Fand ich im Vergleich zu Banjo-Kazooie immer einen Hauch schwächer, wirkt stellenweise auch überfrachtet auf mich (Collectibles).

    War trotzdem ein grandioses Spiel mit guter Spielbarkeit, Humor und einer riesigen Welt. 5+

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