Titel Knights In The Nightmare
System PSP
Genre Strategie
Entwickler Sting
Publisher/Firma Atlus Co.
Altersfreigabe 12
Release 25.05.2011
Release EU 25.05.2011
KITN is a groundbreaking tour de force of bullet-hell action and strategy roleplaying. Hailed as a “once-in-a-lifetime experience,” KITN mixes frantic, energetic action with thought-provoking tactical gameplay, all within a beautifully-rendered fantasy setting presented through a captivating, emotional narrative. Enhanced to take full advantage of the power of PSP system, this new version of the game features remastered visuals and sounds, optimized controls, and a new opening movie from visionary director Yukio Takatsu (Persona 3, Persona 4, Yggdra Union).
Facts & Features:
  • Code Free-Version - runnable on european consoles / lauffähig auf europäischen Konsolen!
  • An Experience Unlike Any Before It: Incorporating strategy RPG, real-time strategy, and shooter elements, you've never experienced a game like this. Control the Wisp and activate the souls of deceased knights to aid you in destroying foes on the map.
  • Over 100 Characters to Recruit: Find and recruit the ghosts of seven different classes of knights from your kingdom, and learn of their pasts, hopes, dreams, and untimely deaths.
  • A Tale Thrice Told: Exclusive to the PSP system version, the addition of Princess Yggdra as a third playable character means that gamers can experience the game's dark and brooding tale through three unique perspectives.
Spieleranzahl: 1 Spielewertungen:
Destructoid: 8.5
RPGFan: 83 von 100 Links zum Spiel:


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