Titel God Of War - Saga
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God Of War (2005)
System Playstation 3
Genre Action-Adventure
Entwickler Ready at Dawn, SCE Santa Monica Studio
Publisher/Firma Sony
Altersfreigabe 18
Release 28.08.2012
Release EU 28.08.2012
God of War Saga -US-

Experience Five Legendary Adventures In Kratos' Quest For Vengeance Against The Gods Who Betrayed Him.
Unleash the power of the Gods and embark on a merciless quest as Kratos, an ex-Spartan warrior driven to destroy Ares, the God of War. Armed with lethal double chainblades, Kratos must carve through mythology's darkest creatures - including Medusa, Cyclops, the Hydra and more, while solving intricate puzzles in breathtaking environments. Driven by pure revenge, nothing can stop Kratos from achieving absolution.

Kratos, the once mortal warrior turned ruthless god, sits atop his throne on Olympus as a threat far worse than his predecessor Ares had ever been, striking down anyone who crosses his path or the path of his beloved Sparta. The "Ghost of Sparta" sets out to alter that which no mortal or god has ever changed. His fate. Facing mythical characters, all bent on preventing him from reaching his goal, Kratos' journey brings him to the very edge of the Earth. But this is Kratos, and his defiance is filled with such arrogance and contempt that all of the ancient world still trembles at his name: Kratos, The God of War.
The God of War III game finds Kratos raining carnage and destruction upon the Gods who have betrayed him and the entire Ancient Greek world. Armed with his deadly double-chained blades, Kratos will take on mythology's darkest creatures while solving intricate puzzles on his merciless quest to destroy Olympus and the mighty Zeus himself.
Discover the origins of Kratos with the definitive compilation of God of War: Chains of Olympus and God of War: Ghost of Sparta on a single Blu-ray disc!

Includes: God of War, God of War II, God of War III, Remastered for HD, DUALSHOCK Control, Full PlayStation Network Trophy Support and 3D.

  • God of War
  • God of War II
  • GoW: Chains of Olympus
  • GoW: Ghost of Sparta
  • God of War III
  • Remastered for HD, DUALSHOCK Control, Full Playstation Network Trophy Support, and 3D (3D supported only in God of War: Origins Collection)

Facts & Features:
  • Download-Codes GoW: Chains of Olympus and GoW: Ghost of Sparta are still valid. The information about the date on the flyer is false.
  • Code Free-Version - runnable on european consoles / lauffähig auf europäischen Konsolen!
  • The Network Features can only be used with an US-PSN-Account/ Online Spiel lediglich mit US-PSN-Account möglich!
  • Play as the brutal warrior Kratos, determined to exact his dark vengeance against the God of War.
  • GOD OF WAR introduces a brutal slice of life set in the mythological Greek era.
  • Players can live according to their own nature. Even if it is by brute force.
  • Defining the next evolution in gaming, GOD OF WAR presents an explosive gameplay mix: raw melee combat fused with traps, stunts and story driven puzzles.
  • Encounter some of the greatest mythological beasts and enemies: Medusa, Cyclops, Minotaur, Harpies and more.
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God Of War (2005)


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