Titel Code: Realize - Bouquet Of Rainbows
System Playstation 4
Genre Adventure
Entwickler Otomate
Publisher/Firma Aksys Games
Altersfreigabe 12
Release 23.03.2018
Release EU 23.03.2018
Code: Realize - Bouquet of Rainbows -US-

Follow the main protagonist Cardia as she forms friendships and deeper relationships with a diverse cast of characters who are determined to help her throughout her trials and tribulations while being there to support her as she faces the lingering demons of her past. The story begins with the main character, Cardia, isolated and alone in a mansion on the outskirts of a 19th century steampunk version of London. A victim of a mysterious affliction that makes her blood a virulent poison and her touch instantly lethal, Cardia is shunned as a monster. Through a number of events both grand and seemingly insignificant, Cardia is pursued by the Royal Guard, kidnapped by the gentleman thief Arsene Lupin, and joined by a myriad of other handsome figures out of the best of western literature. With her new-found friends (and suitors) Cardia ventures out in the world to unravel the mysteries surrounding her very existence.

Facts & Features:
  • Code Free-Version - runnable on european consoles
  • The Network Features can only be used with an US-PSN-Account
  • Two games on a single disc - the PS4 release of code: realize contains the first two games of the series.
  • The Romance(s) Continue! - Build relationships with dashing literary figures in the first game, and then delve deeper.
  • New stories and different perspectives - experience new scenarios taking place outside of the main stories as well as more in-depth looks at events that happened in the shadows previously.
  • New Men in Your Life - In addition to fan (and Cardia) favorites, players can get to know newcomers Herlock Sholmes and Finis in all-new scenarios.
  • The Best of Both Worlds - Get a double dose of amazing artwork and unforgettable characters in this classic fiction / steampunk mashup.


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