Titel Code Of Princess EX
System Switch
Genre Action / Rollenspiel
Entwickler Studio Saizensen
Publisher/Firma Nicalis
Altersfreigabe 12
Release 31.07.2018
Release EU 31.07.2018
Code of Princess EX -US-

Journeying back to an acclaimed cult hit, Code of Princess EX is an updated remake of the classic Nintendo 3DS "hack-and-slash" action game that features role-playing game (RPG) elements. This all-new EX version introduces higher-resolution art, a local (two-player) co-op option for the entire Campaign Mode and numerous other gameplay additions and enhancements including improved AI, updated balancing, a new character leveling-up system and overall better playability.

The story within Code of Princess EX follows Princess Solange of DeLuxia as she fights to restore order in a world where monsters are trying to overtake the human race. Armed with the legendary sword DeLuxcalibur, Solange assembles a team of talented fighters to join her quest. Together, they embark on an epic journey where they will confront the monster uprising and try to discover its secret origins.

Facts & Features:
  • Code Free-Version - runnable on european consoles
  • Action-packed "hack-and-slash" gameplay featuring customizable RPG elements.
  • Players can freely move between three different planes of action during combat, with some projectile attacks able to travel between planes.
  • Various fighting combos, lock-on and burst systems increase the damage dealt to enemies.
  • Over 50 different characters are playable throughout multiple game modes, including Campaign, Free Play and Bonus Quests.
  • RPG stats let players decide how their characters will develop and proceed through the journey.
  • Cooperative and competitive local/online multiplayer modes include leaderboards and let players track their coveted "Princess Points."
  • Created by former members of the original Guardian Heroes development team.
  • Characters and worlds created by legendary Capcom artist Kinu Nishimura, with art contributions from Street Fighter artist Bengus.


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