Titel Gun Gun Pixies
System Switch
Genre Action / Jump 'n' Run
Entwickler Compile Heart
Publisher/Firma PQube
Altersfreigabe 16
Release 30.09.2019
Release EU 30.09.2019
Gun Gun Pixies -US-

The crazy Japanese third-person shooter and 3D platformer in one send two tiny girls from outer space to earth, so that they can infiltrate a women's college dormitory. Once arrived, the Pixies stealthily bustle about the regular sized girls' towering legs and rooms to fulfill their mission: study human behavior in order to help overcome the social issues of their beloved home planet!

Facts & Features:
  • Code Free-Version - runnable on european consoles
  • Save the Planet! - Usamaeru and Kamerieru from Pandemo have come to Earth as their mother world is under attack and society is at risk. They have come to study humans and their relationships with each other, in order to save their world!
  • Oh No, Giant Girls Everywhere! - The Pixies infiltrate a girl's dormitory, but have to face everything around them being giant, including the girls they've come to study!
  • Exploration Galore - As you roam in the giant rooms, you'll shoot strange objects (inclding Squids), and observe changes from the residents
    Third-Person Shooter... With A Twist? - The guns are loaded with Happy Bullets with positive effects such as healing a girl's stiff shoulders if she's tired, as well as gather information about the girls
  • A Diverse Game - Enjoy a shooter mixed with plenty of adventure scenes and a real story (and tentacles)!
  • Ready for Action - Each of your characters has a set weapon type, handgun or assault rifle, so get ready to aim and fire!
  • Sniper Vantage Points - Every stage has Vantage Points, where your bullets drastically increase in power, giving you huge damage against bosses!
  • Stage Types - Enjoy three types of stages to explore: Search and Combat, Pacification and Bathing, each with a different objective!
  • Stealth is Key - The girls must NEVER find you or the game is over! They can see and hear you, so make sure to watch the Sight and Listen gauges so they don't catch you!
  • Go Shopping! - Make sure to check out the shop and get new scopes, weapons, and costumes for the pixies to wear!


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