Playstation 5



# Vorwoche Titel Publisher Wo.
1Armored Core VI: Fires Of RubiconBANDAI NAMCO1
2Immortals Of AveumELECTRONIC ARTS1
42Grand Theft Auto VROCKSTAR GAMES66
5Hitman: World Of AssassinationWB INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT1
67Star Wars Jedi: SurvivorELECTRONIC ARTS18
95Final Fantasy XVISQUARE ENIX10
Ausgewertet von GfK Entertainment im Auftrag von SIEA


A Musical Story 
A Plague Tale: InnocenceAction-AdventureFocus Home Interactive 
A Plague Tale: RequiemAction-AdventureFocus Home Interactive18.10.2022
Across The Valley [VR] 
Actraiser Renaissance 
Aeon Drive 
Aeterna noctis 
AEW: Fight ForeverSportTHQ Nordic29.06.2023
After The Fall [VR] 
After Us 
AfterimageAction-Adventure / Jump 'n' Run / Metroidvania / Rollenspiel / SoulslikeModus Games25.04.2023
Afterlife VR 
Agatha Christie - Hercule Poirot: The London CaseAdventureMicroids29.08.2023
Agent Intercept 
Alan Wake RemasteredAction-AdventureEpic Games05.10.2021
Alba: A Wildlife Adventure 
Alex Kidd In Miracle World DXJump 'n' RunMerge Games25.06.2021
Alfred Hitchcock: VertigoAdventureMicroids27.09.2022
Alice Gear Aegis CS: Concerto Of Simulatrix 
Aliens: Dark DescentAction / Strategie / SurvivalFocus Entertainment20.06.2023
Aliens: Fireteam EliteAction / RollenspielFocus Home Interactive24.08.2021
Altair Breaker [VR] 
Amnesia: The Bunker 
Among UsAction-Adventure / SurvivalMaximum Games14.12.2021
Anno 1800StrategieUbisoft16.03.2023
ANNO: Mutationem 
Anodyne 2: Return To Dust 
Another Fisherman's Tale [VR] 
Apsulov: End Of GodsAction-AdventurePerpetual27.08.2021
Aragami 2Action-AdventureMerge Games17.09.2021
Arcade Paradise 
Arkanoid: Eternal BattleGeschicklichkeitMicroids27.10.2022
Armored Core VI: Fires Of RubiconActionNamco Bandai25.08.2023
Assassin's Creed ValhallaAction-AdventureUbisoft19.11.2020
Assetto Corsa CompetizioneRennspiel505 Games24.02.2022
Asterix & Obelix XXXL: Der Widder aus HiberniaAction-Adventure / Jump 'n' RunMicroids28.10.2022
Astro's PlayroomJump 'n' RunSony Interactive Entertainment12.11.202016
Atari 50: The Anniversary CelebrationAction / GeschicklichkeitAtari11.11.2022
Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & The Secret FairyRollenspielTecmo Koei Europe 
Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist Of The End & The Secret KeyRollenspielTecmo Koei Europe24.03.2023
Atlas FallenAction / Action-Adventure / RollenspielFocus Entertainment10.08.2023
Atomic HeartActionFocus Home Interactive21.02.2023
Autobahn-Polizei Simulator 3SimulationAerosoft23.06.2022
Away: The Survival SeriesAdventurePerpetual28.09.2021
Awesome Asteroids 
Axiom Verge 2 
Ayo The Clown 
Babylon's FallAction-AdventureSquare Enix03.03.2022
Back 4 BloodActionWarner Bros. Interactive08.10.2021
Balan WonderworldAction / Jump 'n' RunSquare Enix26.03.2021
Battlefield 2042ActionElectronic Arts19.11.202112
Beat Saber [VR] 
Before Your Eyes [VR] 
Beholder 3 
Beyond A Steel SkyAction-AdventureMicroids04.12.2021
BiomutantAction / RollenspielTHQ Nordic06.09.2022
Black Book 
BlackwindAction / Action-AdventurePerpetual19.01.2022
Blade AssaultAction / Jump 'n' Run / Rogue-like / RoguelitePM Studios Inc.18.04.2023
Blade Of Darkness 
Blasphemous IIAction-Adventure / Jump 'n' Run / Metroidvania / SoulslikeTeam1724.08.2023
Blood Bowl IIISport / StrategieNacon28.02.2023
BloodRayne Betrayal: Fresh Bites 
Bonfire Peaks 
Borderlands 3Action2K Games10.11.2021
Bramble: The Mountain KingAdventure / SurvivalMerge Games28.04.2023
BreathedgeAction-Adventure / Simulation / SurvivalPerpetual23.02.2022
Bright Memory: Infinite 
BROK The InvestiGator 
Broken PiecesAction-Adventure / Puzzle / SurvivalOutright Games24.02.2023
Budgets Cuts Ultimate [VR] 
Bus Simulator 21 Next StopSimulationEichborn Verlag17.05.2023
Cake Invaders 
Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold WarActionActivision Blizzard19.11.2020
Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 RemasteredActionspielActivision Blizzard 
Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare IIActionActivision Blizzard28.10.2022
Call Of Duty: VanguardActionActivision Blizzard05.11.202113
Call Of The Sea 
Can't Drive ThisAction / RennspielPerpetual26.03.2021
Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium 
Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder [VR] 
Chef Life: A Restaurant SimulatorSimulationNacon23.02.2023
ChernobyliteAction-Adventure / RollenspielPerpetual22.04.2022
Chicory: A Colorful Tale 
Chivalry IIActionDeep Silver08.06.2021
ChorusAction / Action-AdventureDeep Silver03.12.2021
Cities: VR 
Clash: Artifacts Of ChaosAction-Adventure / SoulslikeNacon27.03.2023
Clive 'N' WrenchJump 'n' RunNumskull Games24.02.2023
CloudpunkAdventure / RollenspielMerge Games26.08.2022
Cobra Kai 2: Dojos RisingAction / Beat 'em upGameMill Entertainment08.11.2022
Colossal Cave 
Company of Heroes 3Action / Simulation / StrategieSEGA30.05.2023
ControlAction-Adventure505 Games02.03.2021
Convergence: A League Of Legends Story 
Cosmodread [VR] 
Cosmonious High [VR] 
Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About TimeJump 'n' RunActivision 
Crash Team RumbleAction / StrategieActivision Blizzard20.06.2023
Creed: Rise To Glory - Championship Edition [VR] 
Cris TalesAction / RollenspielModus Games27.07.2021
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII ReunionAction / RollenspielSquare Enix13.12.2022
Crusader Kings IIIRollenspiel / SimulationParadox Interactive29.03.2022
Crysis Remastered TrilogyActionCrytek 
Cult Of The Lamb 
Curse Of The Sea RatsAction / Jump 'n' Run / MetroidvaniaPQube06.04.2023
Cursed To Golf 
Cyber Shadow 
Cyberpunk 2077Action / RollenspielBandai Namco Entertainment 
Dakar Desert RallyRennspielSaber Interactive04.10.2022
DARQAction-Adventure / Puzzle / SurvivalPlaion10.11.2022
Daymare: 1994 SandcastleAction-Adventure / SurvivalFunbox Media30.08.2023
Dead CellsAction-Adventure / MetroidvaniaMerge Games10.08.2023
Dead Island 2ActionDeep Silver21.04.2023
Dead Space RemakeAction / SurvivalElectronic Arts27.01.2023
Death Or TreatAction / Rogue-like / Roguelite / SoulslikePerpetual02.06.2023
Death StrandingActionSony24.09.2021
DeathloopActionBethesda Softworks14.09.2021
Death's Door 
Deliver Us Mars 
Deliver Us The MoonAction / AdventureWired Productions23.06.2022
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba - The Hinokami ChroniclesAction / Beat 'em upSEGA15.10.2021
Demon's SoulsAction / RollenspielSony Interactive Entertainment19.11.2020
Der Herr der Ringe: GollumAction-AdventureNacon24.05.2023
Destiny 2ActionspielActivision Blizzard 
Destiny 2: Die Hexenkönigin 
Destiny 2: Jenseits des Lichts 
Destroy All Humans! 2: ReprobedAction-AdventureTHQ Nordic30.08.2022
Destruction AllStarsAction / RennspielSony Interactive Entertainment19.11.2020
Devil May Cry 5Action / Beat 'em upCapcom04.12.2020
Diablo II: ResurrectedFantasyUbisoft 
Diablo IVAction / RollenspielActivision Blizzard06.06.2023
Die Schlümpfe KartRennspielMicroids22.08.2023
Die Schlümpfe: Mission BlattpestAction-AdventureMicroids02.12.2021
DiRT 5RennspielCodemasters19.11.2020
Disciples: LiberationRollenspiel / StrategieKalypso21.10.2021
Disco Elysium - The Final Cut 
Disgaea 6: CompleteRollenspiel / StrategieNIS America28.06.2022
DNF DuelAction / Beat 'em upNexon21.06.2022
DNF Duel: Who's Next?Action / Beat 'em upNexon21.06.2022
Do Not OpenAction-Adventure / SurvivalPerpetual25.11.2022
Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! 
DolmenAction / RollenspielPrime Matter20.05.2022
Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part OneActionBethesda Softworks 
Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part Two 
Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise Of The DragonsAction / Beat 'em upModus Games27.07.2023
Dragonball Z: KakarotAction / RollenspielBandai Namco13.01.2023
Dragons: Legenden der 9 WeltenAction-AdventureOutright Games23.09.2022
DredgeAdventure / RollenspielTeam1730.03.2023
Drums Rock [VR] 
Dungeons & Dragons: Dark AllianceAction / RollenspielWizards of the Coast30.06.2021
Dusk Diver 2Action / Beat 'em up / RollenspielIdea Factory19.08.2022
Dying Light 2: Stay HumanAction / RollenspielDeep Silver04.02.202214
Dynasty Warriors 9: EmpiresAction / StrategieTecmo Koei Europe 
Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate [VR] 
EA Sports F1 22RennspielElectronic Arts01.07.2022
EA Sports F1 23RennspielElectronic Arts16.06.2023
EA Sports PGA TourSportElectronic Arts06.04.2023
Edge Of EternityAction-Adventure / RollenspielDear Villagers10.02.2022
eFootball 2022 
Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising 
Elden RingAction / RollenspielBandai Namco Entertainment25.02.2022
Elex IIAction / RollenspielTHQ Nordic01.03.2022
Endzone: A World ApartSimulation / StrategieAssemble Entertainment19.05.2022
Ever Forward 
EvergateAdventure / Jump 'n' RunPQube02.07.2021
Evil Dead: The GameAction-Adventure / SurvivalSaber Interactive13.05.2022
Evil Genius 2: World DominationStrategieSold Out30.11.2021
Evil WestActionFocus Home Interactive22.11.2022
F.I.S.T. - Forged In Shadow Torch 
F1 2021RennspielElectronic Arts16.07.2021
F1 Manager 22Simulation / StrategieFrontier Developments30.08.2022
Fairy Fencer F: Refrain ChordRollenspiel / StrategieIdea Factory24.04.2023
Fallen Legion: Rise To Glory / RevenantsAction / RollenspielNIS America26.08.2022
Fantavision 202X 
Far Cry 6ActionUbisoft07.10.202115
FAR: Changing Tides 
Fernbus SimulatorSimulationAerosoft27.02.2023
FIFA 21SportElectronic Arts04.12.2020
FIFA 22SportElectronic Arts01.10.2021
FIFA 23SportElectronic Arts30.09.2022
Figment 2: Creed Valley 
Final Fantasy VII Remake IntergradeRollenspielSquare Enix10.06.2021
Final Fantasy XVIRollenspielSquare Enix22.06.2023
Firefighting Simulator: The SquadSimulationAstragon04.04.2023
Five Nights At Freddy's: Security BreachAction-Adventure / SurvivalMaximum Games15.03.2022
Fobia - St. Dinfna HotelAction-Adventure / Puzzle / SurvivalMaximum Games28.06.2022
ForspokenAction / RollenspielSquare Enix24.01.2023
Fuga: Memories Of Steel 
Gal Guardians: Demon PurgeAction-Adventure / Jump 'n' Run / MetroidvaniaPQube19.06.2023
Garden Of The Sea [VR] 
Garfield Lasagna PartyAction / GeschicklichkeitMicroids10.11.2022
Gear.Club Unlimited 2RennspielMicroids07.12.2021
Ghost Of TsushimaAction-AdventureSony20.08.2021
Ghostbusters: Spirits UnleashedAction-AdventureIllFonic18.10.2022
GhostrunnerAction505 Games28.09.2021
GhostWire: TokyoAction-AdventureBethesda Softworks25.03.2022
Goat Simulator 3 - Pre-Udder EditionAction / SimulationCoffee Stain Publishing, Koch Media17.11.2022
God Of RockAction / RhythmusModus Games19.04.2023
God Of War: RagnarökAction-AdventureSony09.11.2022
GodfallAction / RollenspielGearbox Publishing19.11.2020
Gorn [VR] 
Gotham KnightsAction-Adventure / RollenspielWarner Bros. Interactive21.10.2022
Gran Turismo 7Rennspiel / SimulationPlayStation Studios04.03.2022
Grand Theft Auto - The TrilogyActionRockstar Games 
Grand Theft Auto VActionRockstar Games13.04.202214
Greak: Memories Of AzurAction-Adventure / MetroidvaniaTeam1717.08.2021
GreedFallAction / RollenspielFocus Home Interactive30.06.2021
Greyhill IncidentAction-Adventure / SurvivalPerpetual23.06.2023
GRID LegendsRennspielElectronic Arts25.02.2022
GrimGrimoire OnceMoreStrategieNIS America06.04.2023
Guilty Gear - StriveAction / Beat 'em upPQube11.06.2021
Gungrave: G.O.R.E.ActionPrime Matter22.11.2022
HadesAction / RollenspielPrivate Division13.08.2021
Hardspace: Shipbreaker 
Harvest Moon: Eine Welt 
Heavenly Bodies 
Hell Let LooseActionTeam1702.11.2021
Hell Pie 
Hello Neighbor 2Action-Adventure / Strategie / SurvivalGearbox Publishing06.12.2022
Hitman IIIActionWarner Bros. Interactive20.01.2021
Hitman: World Of AssassinationActionWarner Bros. Interactive25.08.2023
HoaJump 'n' Run / PuzzlePM Studios Inc.15.09.2021
Hogwarts LegacyAction / RollenspielWarner Bros. Interactive10.02.202316
Hood: Outlaws & Legends 
Horatio Goes Snowboarding 
Horizon: Call Of The Mountain [VR] 
Horizon: Forbidden WestAction / RollenspielSony Interactive Entertainment18.02.2022
Hot Wheels UnleashedRennspielMilestone S.r.l30.09.2021
Human: Fall FlatAdventure / PuzzleCurve Digital28.01.2022
I Am Dead 
IkaiAdventure / SurvivalNumskull Games29.06.2022
Immortals Of AveumActionEA Originals22.08.2023
Immortals: Fenyx RisingAction-AdventureUbisoft03.12.2020
Imp Of The Sun 
In NightmareAction-Adventure / SurvivalMaximum Games29.03.2022
In Sound MindAction-AdventureModus Games28.09.2021
InsomnisAction-Adventure / AdventureMeridiem Games31.05.2022
Intrepid Izzy 
Iron Harvest 1920+StrategiePrime Matter26.10.2021
Isonzo: WWI Italian FrontActionMaximum Games14.09.2022
It Takes TwoAction-AdventureElectronic Arts 
JETT: The Far Shore 
Jitsu SquadAction / Beat 'em upInIn07.12.2022
Job Simulator [VR] 
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle RAction / Beat 'em upBandai Namco01.09.2022
JudgmentAction-AdventureAtlus Co.23.04.2021
Jumanji: Das VideospielAction-AdventureOutright Games29.10.2021
Jurassic World Evolution 2Simulation / StrategieSold Out09.11.2021
Jurassic World: Afermath Collection [VR] 
Just Dance 2021RhythmusUbisoft19.11.2020
Just Dance 2022RhythmusUbisoft04.11.2021
Justice Sucks 
Kao The KangarooJump 'n' RunJust for Games27.05.2022
Kayak VR: Mirage 
Kena: Bridge Of SpiritsAction-AdventureAstragon19.11.2021
KeyWeGeschicklichkeitSold Out28.09.2021
Killer Frequency 
King's Bounty IIRollenspiel / StrategieDeep Silver 
Kitaria FablesAction-Adventure / RollenspielPQube03.09.2021
Klonoa Phantasy Reverie SeriesJump 'n' RunBandai Namco08.07.2022
Labyrinth Of Galleria: The Moon SocietyRollenspielNIS America17.02.2023
Landwirtschafts-Simulator 22SimulationGIANTS Software22.11.2021
Last Labyrinth 
Lawn Mowing SimulatorSimulationCurve Games29.07.2022
Layers Of Fear 
LEGO 2K DriveRennspiel2K Games19.05.2023
LEGO BrawlsActionWarner Bros. Interactive02.09.2022
Lego Bricktales 
LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker SagaAction-AdventureWarner Bros. Interactive05.04.2022
Lemnis Gate 
Les Mills Bodycombat [VR] 
Let's Sing 2022 Hits français & internationauxRhythmusRavenscourt23.11.2021
Let's Sing 2022 mit deutschen HitsRhythmusRavenscourt23.11.2021
Let's Sing 2023 mit deutschen HitsRhythmusRavenscourt15.11.2022
Let's Sing Presents ABBARhythmusRavenscourt04.10.2022
Life Is Stange Remastered 
Life Is Strange: True ColorsAdventureSquare Enix10.09.2021
Like A Dragon: Ishin!Action-AdventureSEGA21.02.2023
Little Nightmares IIAction-AdventureBandai Namco Entertainment 
Lost In Random 
Lost JudgmentAction-AdventureSEGA24.09.2021
Madden NFL 21SportElectronic Arts04.12.2020
Madden NFL 22SportElectronic Arts20.08.2021
Madden NFL 23SportElectronic Arts19.08.2022
Madden NFL 24SportElectronic Arts18.08.2023
MADiSONAction-Adventure / SurvivalPerpetual30.06.2022
ManeaterAction / RollenspielDeep Silver19.11.202023
Martha Is DeadAdventureWired Productions10.03.2022
Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles MoralesAction-AdventureSony Interactive Entertainment19.11.2020
Marvel's AvengersAction-AdventureSquare Enix18.03.2021
Marvel's Guardians Of The GalaxyAction / RollenspielSquare Enix26.10.2021
Marvel's Midnight SunsRollenspiel / Strategie2K Games02.12.2022
Mass Effect - Legendary EditionAction / RollenspielElectronic Arts 
Matchpoint: Tennis ChampionshipsSportKalypso Media07.07.2022
Mato AnomaliesRollenspiel / Visual NovelPrime Matter10.03.2023
MechWarrior 5: MercenariesAction / SimulationSold Out09.11.2021
Metal: Hellsinger 
Metro ExodusActionDeep Silver18.06.2021
Mia And The Dragon Princess 
Miasma ChroniclesAction / Action-Adventure / Strategie505 Games09.06.2023
MINABO - A Walk Through Life 
Minecraft LegendsAction / StrategieMojang Studios18.04.2023
Miraculous: Rise Of The SphinxAction-AdventureGameMill Entertainment25.10.2022
MLB The Show 21SportSony23.04.2021
MonarkRollenspielNIS America25.02.2022
Monster Energy Supercross 4RennspielMilestone S.r.l11.03.2021
Monster Energy Supercross 5RennspielMilestone S.r.l17.03.2022
Monster Energy Supercross 6RennspielMilestone S.r.l09.03.2023
Monster Harvest 
Monster Hunter RiseAction / RollenspielNintendo 
Monster Menu: The Scavenger's CookbookRollenspiel / StrategieNIS America02.06.2023
Monster Truck ChampionshipAction / RennspielNacon08.03.2021
Moorhuhn Kart 2RennspielMarkt+Technik16.01.2023
Moorhuhn Shooter EditionActionMarkt+Technik21.05.2021
Moorhuhn XtremeActionMarkt+Technik13.05.2022
Mortal Kombat 11Action / Beat 'em upWarner Bros. Interactive17.11.2020
Mortal ShellAction / RollenspielPlayStack16.04.2021
Moss [VR]Action-Adventure / PuzzlePerpetual 
Moss: Book II [VR] 
Moto Roader MC 
MotoGP 21RennspielMilestone S.r.l22.04.2021
MotoGP 22RennspielMilestone S.r.l21.04.2022
MotoGP 23RennspielMilestone S.r.l08.06.2023
Mount & Blade II: BannerlordAction / Rollenspiel / StrategiePrime Matter25.10.2022
Moving Out 2Puzzle / SimulationTeam1715.08.2023
MX vs ATV: LegendsRennspielTHQ Nordic28.06.2022
MXGP 2020RennspielMilestone S.r.l14.01.2021
MXGP 2021 - The Official Motocross Videogame 
NBA 2K21Sport2K Sports12.11.2020
NBA 2K22Sport2K Sports10.09.2021
NBA 2K23Sport2K Sports09.09.2022
Necromunda: Hired GunActionFocus Home Interactive23.07.2021
Need For Speed UnboundRennspielElectronic Arts02.12.2022
Neptunia ReVerseRollenspielIdea Factory07.06.2021
Neptunia: SIsters VS Sisters 
Nerf LegendsActionGameMill Entertainment19.11.2021
New Joe & Mac: Caveman NinjaAction / Jump 'n' RunMicroids01.12.2022
New Tales From The BorderlandsAdventure2K Games21.10.2022
NHL 22SportElectronic Arts15.10.2021
NHL 23SportElectronic Arts14.10.2022
Nickelodeon All-Star BrawlActionGameMill Entertainment09.11.2021
Nickelodeon Kart Racers 3: Slime SpeedwayRennspielGameMill Entertainment14.10.2022
NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139...Action / RollenspielSquare Enix 
Nioh CollectionAction / RollenspielPlayStation Studios05.02.2021
No Man's SkyAction / SurvivalBandai Namco07.10.2022
No More Heroes IIIActionMarvelous Europe21.10.2022
Nock [VR] 
Observer: System ReduxAdventureKoch Media23.07.2021
Octopath Traveler IIRollenspielSquare Enix24.02.2023
Oddworld: SoulstormAction-Adventure / Jump 'n' RunMicroids06.07.2021
OlliOlli World 
On The Road: Truck-SimulatorSimulationAerosoft23.11.2021
One Piece OdysseyRollenspielBandai Namco13.01.2023
Operation: Tango 
Organ Quarter [VR] 
OutridersActionSquare Enix01.04.2021
Outriders WorldslayerAction / RollenspielSquare Enix30.06.2022
Overcooked! All You Can EatGeschicklichkeit / SimulationTeam1724.11.2020
Override 2: Super Mech League 
Overwatch 2 
Oxide Room 104Action-Adventure / SurvivalPerpetual17.06.2022
Pac-Man World: Re-PACAction-Adventure / Jump 'n' RunBandai Namco29.08.2022
Panda Hero RemasteredAction / Jump 'n' RunMarkt+Technik09.02.2021
Park BeyondSimulationBandai Namco16.06.2023
Pavlov [VR] 
PAW Patrol: Grand PrixRennspielOutright Games30.09.2022
Persona 3 Portable 
Persona 4: GoldenAdventure & RPGAtlus Co. 
Persona 5 RoyalRollenspielDeep Silver21.10.2022
Persona 5 StrikersAction / RollenspielAtlus Co. 
PGA Tour 2K23Sport2K Games14.10.2022
Pistol Whip [VR] 
Pixel Ripped 1978 [VR] 
Planet Coaster - Console EditionSimulationSold Out12.11.2020
Police Simulator: Patrol OfficersSimulationAstragon10.11.2022
Port Royale 4Simulation / StrategieKalypso24.09.2021
Postal 4: No Regerts 
Potion PermitAction / Adventure / Rollenspiel / SimulationPQube22.09.2022
PowerWash SimulatorSimulationSquare Enix13.06.2023
Praey For The Gods 
Project Zero: Die Maske der Mondfinsternis 
Project Zero: Priesterin des schwarzen Wassers 
Psychonauts 2 
Puyo Puyo Tetris 2Geschicklichkeit / PuzzleSEGA08.12.2020
Puzzle Bobble 3D: Vacation Odyssey 
Puzzling Places [VR] 
Queeny Army 
Ragnarock [VR] 
Raiden III x Mikado ManiaxAction / Shoot'em upNIS America09.06.2023
Raiden IV x Mikado RemixAction / Shoot'em upNIS America03.02.2023
Railway Empire 2 
Rainbow Six ExtractionActionUbisoft20.01.2022
Ratchet & Clank: Rift ApartJump 'n' RunPlayStation Studios11.06.2021
Record Of Lodoss War: Deedlit In Wonder LabyrinthAction-Adventure / Jump 'n' Run / MetroidvaniaPlayism18.03.2022
Red Matter 2 [VR] 
Redout 2 
Remnant IIAction / Rollenspiel / SoulslikeTHQ Nordic25.07.2023
Resident Evil 4Action-Adventure / SurvivalCapcom24.03.2023
Resident Evil VillageAction-Adventure / SurvivalCapcom07.05.2021
ReturnalActionPlayStation Studios30.04.2021
Reverie Knight Tactics 
Rez Infinite 
Rick Henderson 
Ride 4RennspielDeep Silver21.01.2021
Ride 5RennspielDeep Silver24.08.2023
Riders RepublicSportUbisoft28.10.2021
RiMS RacingRennspiel / SimulationNacon19.08.2021
River City Girls 2 
Road 96Action / AdventureMerge Games14.04.2022
Road 96: Mile 0 
R-Type Final 3 EvolvedAction / Shoot'em upNIS America28.04.2023
Runner [VR] 
RustlerAction / Action-AdventureModus Games31.08.2021
Sackboy: A Big AdventureJump 'n' RunSony Interactive Entertainment12.11.202035.67
Sail Forth 
Saints RowActionDeep Silver23.08.2022
Saints Row: The Third - RemasteredActionTHQ Nordic 
Salt And Sacrifice 
SBK 22 
Scarlet NexusAction / RollenspielBandai Namco Entertainment25.06.2021
Scars AboveAction / Action-AdventurePrime Matter28.02.2023
SD Gundam Battle Alliance 
Season: A Letter To The Future 
Seeker: My Shadow [VR] 
Serial Cleaners 
Serious Sam 4 
Session: Skate SimSimulation / SportNacon22.09.2022
Severed Steel 
Shadow Man: Remastered 
Shadow Warrior 3 
Shame Legacy 
Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One 
Ship Of Fools 
SifuAction / Beat 'em upMicroids03.05.2022
Slaycation Paradise 
Sniper Elite 5ActionSold Out27.05.2022
Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts 2ActionCI Games24.08.2021
SnowRunnerSimulationFocus Home Interactive31.05.2022
Solar Ash 
Song In The Smoke Rekindled [VR] 
Sonic FrontiersAction-AdventureSEGA08.11.2022
Sonic Origins 
Sonic Origins PlusAction-Adventure / Jump 'n' RunSEGA23.06.2023
Soul Hackers 2RollenspielAtlus Co.26.08.2022
SoulsticeAction / Action-AdventureModus Games20.09.2022
South Of The Circle 
Spacebase StartopiaSimulation / StrategieKalypso26.03.2021
Spirit Of The NorthAdventure / PuzzleMerge Games04.12.2020
Star Ocean: The Divine ForceAction / RollenspielSquare Enix27.10.2022
Star Trek Prodigy: SupernovaAction-AdventureOutright Games14.10.2022
Star Wars Jedi: SurvivorAction-AdventureElectronic Arts28.04.2023
Star Wars: Jedi Fallen OrderActionElectronic Arts11.06.2021
Star Wars: Tales From The Galaxy's Edge [VR] 
Startendes: Intergalactic Bartending [VR] 
SteelrisingAction / Rollenspiel / SoulslikeNacon08.09.2022
Story Of Seasons: A Wonderful LifeRollenspiel / SimulationMarvelous Europe27.06.2023
Stranded: Alien Down 
Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy OriginAction / RollenspielSquare Enix18.03.2022
Strassenmeisterei SimulatorSimulationAerosoft07.04.2022
StrayAdventureAnnapurna Interactive20.09.2022
Stray Blade 
Strayed Lights 
Street Fighter 6Action / Beat 'em upCapcom02.06.2023
Submerged: Hidden Depths 
Subnautica: Below ZeroAdventureBandai Namco Entertainment14.05.2021
Super Monkey Ball: Banana ManiaGeschicklichkeitSEGA05.10.2021
Super Woden GP 
Sword And Fairy: Togehter Forever 
Syberia: The World BeforeAdventure / PuzzleMicroids15.11.2022
Synth Riders [VR] 
Tactics Ogre: RebornRollenspiel / StrategieSquare Enix11.11.2022
Tails Of Iron 
Tales Of AriseRollenspielBandai Namco Entertainment10.09.2021
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga CollectionAction / Jump 'n' RunKonami30.08.2022
TemtemAdventure / RollenspielHumble Games06.09.2022
Tennis World Tour 2: Complete EditionSportNacon25.03.2021
Tentacular [VR] 
Terminator: Resistance EnhancedActionReef Entertainment30.04.2021
Tesla Force 
Tetris Effect: Connected 
The AscentAction / RollenspielCurve Games02.09.2022
The Caligula Effect: OverdoseRollenspielNIS America02.06.2023
The Callisto ProtocolAction-Adventure / SurvivalSkybound Games02.12.2022
The Centennial Case: A Shijima Story 
The ChantAction-Adventure / SurvivalPrime Matter03.11.2022
The Dark Pictures Anthology: House Of AshesAction-Adventure / SurvivalBandai Namco Entertainment22.10.2021
The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In MeAction-Adventure / SurvivalBandai Namco18.11.2022
The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR 
The Elder Scrolls Online Collection: BlackwoodRollenspielBethesda Softworks 
The Entropy Centre 
The FalconeerAction / RollenspielWired Productions05.08.2021
The Forest Quartet 
The Forgotten City 
The Hearts 
The Jackbox Party Pack 8 
The King Of Fighters XVAction / Beat 'em upKoch Media17.02.2022
The Knight WitchAction / Action-Adventure / Metroidvania / Shoot'em upTeam1723.05.2023
The Last Clockwinder [VR] 
The Last Of Us Part IAction-Adventure / SurvivalSony02.09.2022
The Last Oricru 
The Last Stand: AftermathAction-Adventure / Rogue-like / RogueliteArmor Games Studios19.11.2021
The Last WorkerAdventure / Puzzle / StrategieWired Productions30.03.2023
The Legend Of Heroes: Trails Into ReverieRollenspielNIS America07.07.2023
The Light Brigade [VR] 
The Mageseeker: A League Of Legends Story 
The MediumAction-AdventureKoch Media03.09.2021
The Outbound Ghost 
The PathlessAction-AdventureAnnapurna Interactive04.12.2020
The Pedestrian 
The Plane Effect 
The QuarryAction-Adventure / Survival2K Games10.06.2022
The RiftbreakerAction / RollenspielMaximum Games14.10.2021
The Rumble Fish 2 
The Serpent Rogue 
The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe 
The Tale Of Onogoro [VR] 
The Texas Chain Saw MassacreAction-Adventure / SurvivalGun Media18.08.2023
The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners - Chapter 2: Retribution [VR] 
The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners [VR] 
The Witcher III: Wild HuntAction / RollenspielBandai Namco26.01.2023
Them's Fightin' HerdsAction / Beat 'em upModus Games18.10.2022
ThymesiaAction / RollenspielTeam1718.08.2022
Time On Frog IslandAdventure / Jump 'n' RunMerge Games26.07.2022
Tiny Tina's WonderlandsAction2K Games25.03.2022
Tiny Troopers: Global Ops 
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: SiegeActionUbisoft18.03.2021
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2SportActivision Blizzard25.06.2021
Tormented SoulsAction-Adventure / SurvivalPQube27.08.2021
Tour de France 2021SportNacon02.07.2021
Tour de France 2022SportNacon09.06.2022
Tour de France 2023SportNacon14.06.2023
Tourist Bus SimulatorSimulationAerosoft12.05.2022
Townsmen VRSimulation / StrategieTHQ Nordic22.02.2023
Train Life: A Railway SimulatorSimulationNacon22.09.2022
Train Sim World 2SimulationMaximum Games19.11.2021
Train Sim World 3SimulationAstragon02.11.2022
Transformers: Beyond Reality [VR] 
Transformers: Beyond Reality [VR] 
Transport Fever 2SimulationNacon22.03.2023
Treasures Of The AegeanAction-Adventure / Jump 'n' RunNumskull Games19.11.2021
Trek To YomiAction-AdventureDevolver Digital05.05.2023
Tribes Of MidgardAction / RollenspielGearbox Publishing30.07.2021
Trine 5: A Clockwork ConspiracyAction-Adventure / Jump 'n' Run / Puzzle / RollenspielTHQ Nordic31.08.2023
Trinity Trigger 
Tropico 6SimulationKalypso31.03.2022
TT Isle Of Man: Ride On The Edge 3RennspielNacon11.05.2023
Two Point CampusSimulationSEGA09.08.2022
Unbound: Worlds ApartAdventure / Jump 'n' RunPerpetual11.02.2022
Uncharted: Legacy Of Thieves CollectionAction-AdventureSony28.01.2022
Under The WavesAdventureQuantic Dream29.08.2023
Unplugged: Air Guitar [VR] 
Vacation Simulator [VR] 
Valkyrie ElysiumAction / RollenspielSquare Enix29.09.2022
Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt 
Vampire: The Masquerade - SwansongRollenspielNacon19.05.2022
Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider 
Walkabout Mini Golf [VR] 
Wanted Dead 
Warhammer 40.000: Boltgun 
Warhammer 40.000: Shootas, Blood & TeefAction / Action-Adventure / Jump 'n' RunInIn02.12.2022
Warhammer: ChaosbaneAction / RollenspielNacon27.11.2020
Watch Dogs: LegionAction-AdventureUbisoft19.11.2020
Way Of The HunterSimulationTHQ Nordic16.08.2022
Wayward Strand 
We Are OFK 
We Love Katamari - REROLL+ Rpyaö Reveroe 
Wer wird Millionär? - Neue EditionVerschiedenesMicroids30.11.2021
Werewolf: The Apocalypse - EarthbloodAction / RollenspielNacon04.02.2021
What The Bat? [VR] 
Wild HeartsAction-Adventure / SoulslikeElectronic Arts17.02.2023
Windjammers 2 
Wings Of Bluestar 
Winter Games 2023SportWild River18.10.2022
Within The Blade 
Wo Long: Fallen DynastyAction / Rollenspiel / SoulslikeTecmo Koei Europe03.03.2023
World War Z: AftermathAction / SurvivalSaber Interactive24.01.2023
Worms RumbleAction / StrategieSold Out13.07.202122.5
WRC 10Rennspiel / SimulationNacon02.09.2021
WRC 9Rennspiel / SimulationNacon19.11.2020
WRC GenerationsRennspielNacon03.11.2022
WreckfestAction / RennspielTHQ Nordic01.06.2021
WWE 2K22Sport2K Games11.03.2022
WWE 2K23Sport2K Games17.03.2023
Yakuza: Like A DragonAction-AdventureSega02.03.2021
Ys IX: Monstrum NoxAction / RollenspielNIS America12.05.2023
Ys VIII: Lacrimosa Of DanaAction / RollenspielNIS America18.11.2022
YuoniAction-Adventure / SurvivalMeridiem Games15.12.2021
Yurukill: The Calumniation GamesAction / Shoot'em upNIS America08.07.2022
Zombieland: Headshot Fever Reloaded [VR] 
Zorro: The ChroniclesAction / Action-AdventureNacon16.06.2022

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